Aranda\Lasch creates exhibition design for Kaws retrospective in Shanghai


Eight-metre high sculptures skim the ceiling of the Yuz Museum in Shanghai, which is currently hosting artist Kaws' first retrospective in Asia and features exhibition design by Aranda\Lasch 

The New York- and Arizona-based design firm, founded by Benjamin Aranda and Chris Lasch in 2009, based its design around the large-scale works Kaws produces. 

"Kaws likes to work with physical models so we built a 15-foot-long model of the museum to get acquainted with its tremendous scale," Aranda told Dezeen. "It used to be an aeroplane hangar and its size is quite deceptive in photographs." 

"The design engages the massive hangar space with simple but large architectural elements, a room and a wall, that serve to organise artwork around them." 
Kaws, whose real name is Brian Donnelly, is known for his brightly coloured, cartoon-like works and limited-edition objects. The Brooklyn-based artist previously painted his signature motifs across two basketball courts in New York City for Nike. 

The exhibition, named Where the End Starts, includes key paintings, sculptures, drawings and toys that the artist has created over the last 20 years of his career. It marks the first time he has had a retrospective in Asia. 

The largest pieces in the exhibition are contained to the Great Hall of the gallery, and almost reach up to the ceiling – which is eight metres high. 

Other smaller sculptures and paintings are dispersed around the surrounding galleries. 

"Conceived as a kind of temple, the Great Hall is a space of intense focus accomplished through an illuminated ceiling over the piece, Companion Passing Through," said Aranda.


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