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About us

Founded by Li Chang Wey, B.T.S. is an association of entrepreneurs from Malaysia. The history of our company dates back to 1984, when it was decided to establish a small costume jewelry enterprise in Singapore. In the early 90s, B.T.S. was trading in electrical fittings, and the company then employed more than 100 people. But the world did not stand still. Technological progress and dynamic growth in production in Asia saw us establishing strong relations with major manufacturers of innovative electronics and household goods in Malaysia and China. Today, B.T.S. is a trading platform, uniting over 20 major manufacturers. We currently employ about 2000 people worldwide, and our annual turnover exceeds $40M. Geographical location and established relations in the domestic market enable us to offer optimal solutions, including affordable prices and high-quality standards. Moreover, our wealth of experience and traditions make our business reliable and comfortable.


Li Chang Wey

President&Founder of B.T.S

Mohamed Vackar


Frank Rafalski 

Head of Evropean branch


Affordable prices from trusted suppliers
Own quality control system
Huge choice, latest arrivals in the market.
Over 20 years of experience


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